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Welcome to Verma Coaching Academy,
Located in Dehradun, Uttarakhand, a Co-Ed Institution for Preparation to get Admission in (Examinations)
India’s Top 10 Boarding Schools

We Prepare your Child to Crack some of the Most difficult Boarding School Entrance Exams and Interviews, held on Pan-India basis, and get into a Top Boarding School; have been doing so for over 30 years now. Verma Coaching Academy is equipped with the highly-qualified professionals who work hard to make your child placed in India's top best CBSE residential school or boarding schools in Dehradun.

About Us

About Us

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Boarding schools in dehradun

Verma Coaching Academy is a coaching institute that believes in creating well-rounded personalities of its students. Real-world situations are experienced virtually by them. This deepens academic learning along with acquiring essential life skills.The world today no longer lives in comfortable, isolated pockets; rather, it is a global village where knowledge and education are shared world-wide. We prepare children for the best boarding school for girls and boys.

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We must explain to you how all this mistaken idea of denouncing pleasure and praising pain was born and I will give you a complete account of the system,

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S.No. Name of
 the School
Year of the written Exam took place Students Appeared Students on Merit
01 1. Mayo (Ajmer) & Scindia (Gwalior)
2. Chinmaya Missionary (Coimbatore)
Nov. 2014 12 10
02 1. St.George's
2. Wynberg Allen
Nov. 2014 07 06
03 1. The Doon School (D.Dun)
2. Welhams (D.Dun)
3. Lawrence (Sanawar, HP)
Nov. 2014
Jan. 2015
09 07
04 1. Bishop Cotton School Shimla
2. Mayo (Ajmer)
3. Sherwood School Nainital
Sept. 2015
Nov. 2015
Dec. 2015
09 07
05 1. St.George's (Mussoorie)
2. Wynberg Allen (Mussoorie)
Oct. 2015 13 11
06 1. The Doon School (D.Dun)
2. Welhams (D.Dun)
Nov. 2015
Jan. 2016
12 10
07 1. Bishop Cotton School Shimla
2. Sherwood School Nainital
3. Hope Town (D.Dun)
Sept. 2016
Nov. 2016
Nov. 2016
08 07
08 1. St.George's (Mussoorie)
2. Wynberg Allen (Mussoorie)
Oct. 2016 15 13
09 1. Mayo (Ajmer) & Scindia (Gwalior) Nov. 2016
06 05
10 1. The Doon School (D.Dun)
2. Welhams (D.Dun)
3. Lawrence (Sanawar, HP)
Nov. 2016
Jan. 2017
15 12
11 1. The Doon School (D.Dun)
2. Welhams (D.Dun)
3. Hope Town (D.Dun)
Nov. 2017
Jan. 2018
15 12
12 1. St. George's, Wynberg Allen & Waverly Convent (All in Mussoorie) Oct. 2017 11 11
13 1. Mayo (Ajmer) Nov. 2017 06 06
14 1. Lawrence (Sanawar, HP)
2. Bishop Cotton (Nainital)
Nov. 2017 09 09
15 1. The Doon School (D.Dun)
2. Welhams (D.Dun)
Nov. 2018
Jan. 2019
09 07
16 1. St. George's, Wynberg Allen & Waverly Convent (All in Mussoorie) Oct. 2018 13 12
17 1. Lawrence (Sanawar, HP)
2. Bishop Cotton (Nainital)
Oct. 2018 05 05
18 1. Mayo (Ajmer) & Scindia (Gwalior) Oct. 2018 07 07

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Verma Coaching outfits your children in such a manner that they get equipped with all the fundamental skills that are required for their bright future. The main intention of the academy is to make all its students get placed in the best boarding schools in Dehradun. The atmosphere of the academy is structured just like that of a boarding school in Dehradun. This helps in strengthening all the requisite habits in the student so that they never face any troubles in their future.

The most capable faculties at Verma Coaching Academy always work hard with full devotion to not only prepare the students in the academic sector but they also make every student involved in every curricular activity. This practice helps in making the student multi talented so that they can transcend in each part of their life. Along with this, accommodation, mess, laundry, sports, etc. all the amenities are granted to the student at its best.

Therefore, if you want the future of your child to get connected with the most renowned and reputed boarding schools in Dehradun, then don’t wait so long and reach us for preparing your child for the entrance examination of the schools.

Education is the most primary need in the world. Without it, difficulties become two-fold. Today, everyone wants to have the best platform for education. Every parent wants their children to get the best education by the most profound teachers. In correspondence to the academic schedule, everyone wants to learn all other activities also to earn a tag of an all-rounder.

For getting everything in one place, Boarding schools are considered to be the best. They are equipped with each essential facility within the campus only. There are present a wide range of boarding schools that rank on the top. To acquire a place in any of the top 10 boarding schools in india, a student must qualify for the entrance exam of the particular boarding schools.

And here Verma Coaching Classes enters!

The Verma Coaching Classes are known for their excellent preparation strategies. Positioned in the education hub,i.e. Dehradun, this coaching is fulfilled with all kinds of facilities that are present in top boarding schools in Dehradun. The highly experienced & talented faculties of coaching always create an effective learning environment for the students. Similar to the boarding schools, there are provided neat & clean accommodation facilities.

Apart from the best academic environment, there are even provided various extra-curricular activities that play an important role in developing the students overall. We help the students to achieve their goal of getting admission in the best residential schools in Dehradun.

We follow a structured procedure to make students learn everything deeply and accurately. Once the student enters the premises of the Verma Coaching Classes, he/she can himself/herself can feel the transformation in their overall personality. Here, you can meet students from multiple corners of the world which helps each one of them to interact with the people of different traditions & cultures.

If you wanna get placed in top boarding/residential schools in Dehradun, take an insight into our schedule and start your classes soon!

Your dream school is waiting for you!



Abhinav Bindra
Making us Indian and Doonites Proud

Abhinav Bindra

For Clinching India's first ever Olympic individual Gold in 10m Air Rifle event at the Beijing 2008 Olympic games Abhinav Bindra added a feather to Mr. R.M.Verma's hat who prepared him individually for theThe Doon School Entrance Exam coaching in dehradun Nov. 1992, where he got selected scoring Highest Marks on the Merit

A very sober obedient, hard working and humble child.

I wish him more glory and success.

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