Best Boarding Schools in India CBSE


Below is the list of some of the Best Boarding Schools in India CBSE. Boarding Schools that follow the instructions and guidelines mandated by the Central Board of Secondary Education (C.B.S.E.), New Delhi. In no particular order.

Welham Boys’ School, Dehradun, Uttarakhand (All Boys)

Welham Boys’ School, Dehradun

  • Welham Boys’ School is affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Examination – CBSE.

  • Aims to provide a positive and good learning atmosphere

  • This would encourage and empower students to develop a fair sense of justice, concern for surroundings, faith in secularism, and these qualities would eventually lead to the development of the students into responsible citizens of our country.

  • Welham promotes broad and different approaches to things.

  • Regarded as one of the Best Boarding Schools in India CBSE

Notable Alumni – Welham Boy’s School

  • Rajiv Gandhi

  • Sanjay Gandhi

  • Jubin Nautical

  • Zayed Khan

  • Vikram Seth

  • Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi

  • Vikas Kumar

  • Mani Shankar Aiyer

  • Shaad Ali

  • Naveen Patnaik and many more

Admission procedure Welham Boys’ School

  • The Admission is given to the students from class 4 th to 9 th , mainly. However, some are also considered under certain circumstances.

  • The School prepares a merit list based on the performance/results in the Entrance Exam.

  • Candidates are selected on this basis and called for personal Interaction/Interview.

  • Then a Final Merit list is prepared, which shows the selected students who are given Admission offers.


Mayo College Boys’, Ajmer, Rajasthan (All Boys)

Mayo College Boys’

  • The Institution abides by the motto of – ‘Let there be light’.

  • Keep in mind about the social, cultural, and psychological development of pupils are also taken care of. 

  • Every tradition and custom is given special value.

  • And very essentially, they abide by the custom of Gurukul

  • The school has a 1:10 ratio when it comes to student-teacher strength, respectively.

  • Besides, the academic programs involve a combination of 20 different sports and 18 different extra-curricular activities.

  • Talking of the college in detail would include – the affiliation of Mayo College to the Central Board of Secondary Examination, also abbreviated as CBSE

  • The school has introduced smart classes keeping pace with the technological advancements.

  • There are resident coaches for sports on the campus, 

  • Sports arrangements can involve about 500 students, at a time.

  • Considered one of the Best Boarding Schools in India CBSE

Mayo College (Boys’ Boarding School)

These days, the need for renowned Schools could compare to different Schools which give a superior time of education to youngsters and fabricate their basics/ideas from youth time. 

The Mayo College is one of the renowned or premium brands of tutoring Schools since from the eighteenth century to till date. Mayo College gives an incredible learning background through their benchmarks, contemplate conditions, tasks, or undertakings given by understudies are exceptional. 

Mayo College (Boys’) has had some prominent graduates including:

  • Jaswant Singh

  • Vivek Oberoi

  • Hari Singh

  • Vikram Chandra

  • Indra Sinha and many more

Mayo College Boy's Admission Details

Mayo College Boys selects its students through an entrance exam, and if shortlisted, children are called up for an interview/interaction. Being one of the most esteemed schools in India admission is quite difficult as there is only a limited number of seats in every class.

  • The Admission is given to the students from class 4th to 8th, mainly. 

  • The School prepares a merit list based on the performance in the Entrance Exam.

  • Candidates are selected on their basis and called for personal interaction. Then a final merit list is prepared, which shows the selected students.


The Lawrence School, Sanawar, Himachal Pradesh (Co-Ed)

The Lawrence School

  • Lawrence School is built in a very pleasant atmosphere at a height of 1750 meters above sea level. 

  • It was built by Sir Henry Lawrence and his wife Honoria, in the lap of Sanawar Mountain, in the district of Solan, Himachal Pradesh. 

  • Lawrence School is the first Co-ed boarding school that has maintained its glory to date. 

  • This School was established by Henry Lawrence in 1847, with a vision of providing quality education to the orphans of British people and their soldiers. 

  • It is located in Kasauli hills in the Solan district of Himachal Pradesh. From the beginning, it is a co-educational school. Its campus is spread over 139 acres. It is also called Sanawar, as it is located in Sanawar. 

  • In May 2013, to climb Mount Everest, it sent a team of seven students, creating a history of the only School doing such activity in the world. 

  • Moreover, it has a history of sending many contingents of boys from the School to the battlefields of the First World War and the Second World War.

  • Regarded as one of the Best Boarding Schools in India CBSE


The Scindia School Boys’, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh (All Boys)

The Scindia School Boys

  • An amalgamation of Royalty and quality education is what you will find at Scindia School, situated in the Fort of Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh.

  • The Scindia School Boys’ an All-Boys school was the brainchild of Maharaja Madho Rao Scindia of Maharashtra; previously it was only for the royal children. But later on, discouraging discrimination, the gates were opened for all children of the country.

  • There are facilities to lighten up the moods of the students; arrangements for movies as well as snacks are made on holidays. One can also take long walks to take in the fresh air.

  • It was founded in the city of Gwalior. It was relocated to the historic fort of Gwalior and these days it is a residential, public School. 6th to 12th classes are taught in this School. 

  • A lot of renowned politicians, Actors, and people in business are alumni of this School. 

  • It is the only school in India that is a member of an international group. In 1997, its 100th anniversary was celebrated.

  • Considered one of the Best Boarding Schools in India CBSE

Notable alumni

  • Salman Khan

  • Arbaaz Khan

  • Anurag Kashyap

  • Kalyan Banerjee

  • K. Natwar Singh

  • Anurag Mathur

  • Sanjay Singh Yadav

  • Vikas Kalantri

  • Jitendra Singh

  • Veer Vikram Singh and many more

Admission process

There are two types of tests if you are seeking admission to Scindia School.

  • Common Aptitude Analysis (CAA)

  • Scindia School Aptitude Analysis (SAA), this test is an Exclusive test for Scindia School.

  • It depends on students who test to write. 

  • Admission is given mainly in Classes from 6th to 8th; in higher classes, admission depends on other circumstances or is merit-based.

  • For the Entrance Examination, a general test is conducted.

  • After scrutiny and shortlisting, qualified candidates are called for another session of assessment.

  • In this process, there is an interactive session in which you may be evaluated in games and sports. 

  • You will be assessed in co-curricular activities and may interact with your faculty. Students and parents get an insight into Scandia life during this session. 

  • After this, you will have had to wait for the final result of the process.


Convent of Jesus and Mary, Waverley, Mussoorie (All Girls)

  • Founded in 1845 by the Religious of Jesus and Mary, Mussoorie Education Society. 

  • CJM Waverley is recognized by the Government of Uttarakhand and is affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). 

  • Situated On the beautiful ‘Queen Hill Stations’, Mussoorie.

  • Stands at an altitude of 6,600 feet above the sea.

  • Runs from Class I to Class XII.

  • Focuses on punctuality and physical education aside from the Academics.

  • Have vast arrays of extracurricular activities ranging from dance & music to debates & elocution.

  • Regarded as one of the Top Girls Boarding school in India.

Notable Alumni - Convent of Jesus and Mary, Waverley

  • Suvarna Jha

  • Priyanka Gill

  • Pema Chagzoetsang

  • Malvika Mehra

  • Shruti Sharma and many more

Admission process

  • The Admission Entrance Exam is generally held in the month of October

  • Written Exam is held according to the given syllabus.

  • The School prepares a merit list based on the performance in the Entrance Exam.

  • Candidates are selected on its basis their Parents are called for personal interaction.

  • Then a final merit list is prepared, which shows the selected students.

  • Exams and interactions are held on the school premises itself in Mussoorie.


How to Crack The Entrance Exam & Interview?

Gateway to Best Boarding Schools in India - Verma Coaching Academy

The idea of Verma Coaching Academy had long germinated into the brain of an educator of paramount quality – Mr. R. M. Verma. With more than 30 years of experience in various nations of Asia and abroad, he had begun Verma Coaching Academy, with the goal of igniting young minds. Verma Coaching Academy is essentially affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Examination or CBSE. With the successful admission of 1100 and more students to their dream school, Verma Coaching Academy has set a milestone in the history of education (Click for Our Past Years Results). 

Best Boarding Schools in India

Today the coaching institutes are professional in their approach to enabling a student to learn efficiently. They follow the method of understanding rather than the method of forcing things on a student. In this way, a student gets the medium of understanding things as per his/her cognitive capabilities. Moreover, this method helps the student analyze their weak point and work on them. 

Verma Coaching Academy, Dehradun has been doing it for a long time, for over 30 years. It enables the students to take up any challenges in their endeavor and get successful in it. Verma Coaching academy focuses on the complete development of a student so that he/she can qualify for the Entrance Exam followed by a personal interview very quickly in one of the Best Boarding Schools in India CBSE Entrance Exam.

Apart from preparing the students for the Entrance Exam, Verma Coaching academy also helps the students of different cultures to get adapted to the new environment. It provides residential facilities for students as young as five years. There is a separate 11-month plan for every student as per their requirement. This hard work and dedication by the faculty has been for over decades and has resulted in 1100+ students graduate from Verma Coaching Academy and get admitted in their dream schools. 

Past Years Results - The Testimony Ff Verma Coaching Academy’s Success

Mr. R.M Verma, who is the Chairman of Verma Coaching Academy, first in Dehradun, has been consistent in producing the visible results by getting numerous students into some of the Top Boarding Schools of India. 

This is just the tip of the iceberg. For various Schools Verma Coaching Academy has been making the strenuous efforts and producing consistent results. And repeating the excellence for the last 30 years, with 100% record. 

Applying at Verma Coaching Academy 

You can get your ward admitted at Verma Coaching Academy by merely contacting via phone for guidance or by filling the application form available at the official website of the institution, and from there the further steps shall be communicated to you. You can get in touch via phone to have a word with the authorities, who will then guide you to admission procedure process in detail. 

Contact Details 

The institution can be reached easily by contacting on the given phone numbers or by directly visiting the premises in person on the given address: 


144/201, Nashville Road, Dehradun

Uttarakhand, 248001 India

Phone No: +91 - 9654617949 

Email: vermacoachingacademy@gmail.com 

Being confident in our commitment to our work and dedication we can say it with certainty that your search for one of the Best Boarding Schools in India CBSE Entrance Exam Coaching shall end here. We look forward to making you part of our VCA family and helping in accomplish your goal.