The Doon School Entrance Exam Coaching in Dehradun

The Doon School Entrance Coaching in Dehradun at Verma Coaching Academy

In the times when more and more Coaching centers are coming up with lofty promises of admissions in high-end Schools, it is only wiser to trust the ones who have a good history of getting things done. If you are looking for Doon School Entrance Exam coaching in Dehradun then there is no other place than Verma Coaching Academy to look in order to make your dream a reality.

The Doon School

Doon School is the brain child of an aristocrat Advocate general from Bengal – Satish Ranjan Das. Which is an only boy’s boarding school in Dehradun, set in Garhwal ranges? Pupils from the age of 12 to 18 are permitted on the campus. Doon School is perhaps the only school to get applicants from all the states across the country almost every year. The school is spread across 70 acres, the flora and fauna, and sweet little birds. Here boys discover more than they have in themselves.

An All Boys Boarding School was established in 1935 The Doon School has emerged as one of the primary choices for the parents who wish to give their Boy’s education in boarding School.

As per the Education World Magazine, The Doon School is one of the most prominent institutions in India for higher secondary education and has been for quite a while. The School is probably one of the fewest Schools in India with students from all over India due to its diverse admission policy. It has 70-acre sprawling campus with lush green fields and a vast range of flora and fauna.

Salient features which make The Doon School outstanding Institution

  • The School Bears the Motto of – ‘Knowledge Our Light’.
  • Art and Media School: The 25,000 square foot building is perfect for the students who have a flair for art. It has an auditorium, a film studio, Apple Mac studio and other multi-utility teaching places.
  • The Career information, education, and guidance: A completely dedicated cell for assisting and spreading the awareness amongst students in their career choice. The battery has its library specifically meant for career- related research purposes.
  • Music School: To aid the creative musical streaks in the students, the School provides ample opportunities for the students where the Hindustani classical music and western music is taught.
  • The Rose Bowl: The Rose Bowl is the famous amphitheater of The Doon School initially built in the 1940s and is now the facility for open-air theatre, musicals, and prize giving ceremonies.
  • The Wellness center: To facilitate the well-being and the good health of the Boy’s, the Wellness center is established with the full-time residential doctor. Here life skills are also taught to the Boy’s by two counselors who are available here.
  • Sports facilities: The School excels in both the indoor and outdoor facilities. Squash courts, fitness room and a multipurpose hall for boxing and badminton facilitate the indoor activities along with the newly constructed shooting range. For outdoor activities School boasts of nearby golf course facility, acres long field for cricket and basketball and tennis court which are equipped with floodlights for 24 x 7 availability.
  • Laboratories: Along with the well-equipped laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Biology the School also the science museum which helps to teach to curiosity amongst the pupils.

Admission procedure

The Doon School only admits the students at two levels. The first at class VII (7 th ) and the second in class VIII (8 th ). For applying, there are a few simple steps.

For the Entrance Examination, the general test is conducted, which is followed by the interview. The ability to listen, comprehend what others are saying, recognition of divergent opinions etc. are some of the areas that the candidates are judged on.

Golden Alumni - Doscos

Doscos have been great throughout their school life and career and even after, a few of the notable alumni include:

  • Rajiv Gandhi
  • Rahul Gandhi
  • Bunker Roy
  • Jotiraditya Madhavrao Scindia
  • Vikram Sheth
  • Anish Kapoor
  • Abhinav Bindrar
  • Sanjay Gandhi and many more

How to Crack The Doon School Entrance?

Gateway to The Doon School- Verma Coaching Academy

When there are scores of Boarding Schools located all over India which have their pattern of Entrance Exams and own requirements for admission, then in that scenario, it is quite difficult for students to prepare for them individually. It is here that there is a requirement of competent and well-experienced Coaching Academy, which has an experience and grip on the pattern of the Schools and also at the same time innovative techniques of teaching.

Verma Coaching Academy fits the bill in both aspects. Not only it holds the experience in the teaching of 30 years but also excels in unusual ways such that students can grasp more and more in less time, without missing their school curriculum (Click to see Our Past Years Results).

Doon School Entrance Exam coaching in Dehradun is provided in the best possible Coaching Academy in Dehradun. Verma Coaching Academy in the past 30 years emerged as the authority in guiding students to Crack the Entrance Examination of the top boarding Schools all over India. The list includes The Doon School, Lawrence School, Welham Girls’ & Boys’ School, Mayo College (Girls’ & Boys’), Wynberg Allen, Scindia School and many more.

It was founded by Mr. R.M Verma, an illustrious educator who has taught for more than 25 years in India and abroad. He also founded Viverly Public School, which is affiliated to CBSE New Delhi and aids the effort of Verma Coaching Academy to achieve its goals.

The students are taught in a Home-like facility at the coaching premises, which is co-ed. Up till now, 1100+ students have graduated from Verma Coaching Academy, and All of whom have ended up receiving an offer letter from top end boarding Schools of India, which has further aided in them in their live and career to reach their potential.

One of our Alumni also includes Abhinav Bindra (1 st Olympic Gold Medalist, 2008, Shooting) to get into The Doon School (1992).

Mr. R.M. Verma also runs a School by the name Viverly Public School, Dehradun (CBSE Affiliated), which allows both the School academic and Preparatory Coaching (of Boarding Schools) to run parallel and smoothly without the student missing anything.

Verma Coaching Academy, Dehardun is a highly focused institution and the institution has achieved this by time tested strategy of following 11 months long plan, which is tailor-made for each student as per his individual needs. Preparation is rigorous, focused and always under guidance & supervision. Not only academic area is given attention but also personality development is stressed upon as it is important for Interviews, of such Boarding Schools Entrance procedure.

Extrusive features of Verma Coaching Academy

Amidst the growing number of Coaching Academy’s, the Verma Coaching Academy stands alone due to its distinguished features which are as follows:

  • To aid the privacy of students, there is separate and spacious accommodation for Girl’s and Boy’s, which is also supervised at all times via personnel or CCTV.
  • The Coaching Academy facilitates the students who are as young as 5 years old to aid those who wish to get into the boarding Schools at an early age.
  • The premises of the Coaching Academy boast of a big dining hall and nutritious food with hygienic surroundings, giving both healthy homemade food.
  • The security at the Coaching Academy is advance and safety is prioritized. The entire institution is installed with fire extinguishers, CCTV, and strict supervision is undertaken.
  • To inculcate the reading habit in students, there is a well-maintained library which could be availed by students to get any book of their interest.
  • The faculty at Verma Coaching Academy is Experienced one with thorough grasp and understanding on their subject.
  • The classrooms are well maintained and fitted with modern state of the art technology of Smart Classes, which helps the students to learn the abstract and complicated concepts innovatively.
  • The Coaching premises has computer and science labs to keep stress on practical along with theoretical knowledge.
  • To aid them, all-round development of the students there are facilities of music rooms, outdoor and indoor sports activities and extra curriculum activities such as dramatics, singing, and dancing which helps the students to excel in their creative pursuits along with studies and academics. Allowing a child to not only make positive memories but also grow both in intrinsic and extrinsic value.

Past Years Results - the Testimony of Verma Coaching Academy’s success

Mr. R.M Verma, who is the Chairman of Verma Coaching Academy, first in Dehradun, has been consistent in producing the visible results by getting numerous students into some of the Top Boarding Schools of India. This is just the tip of the iceberg. For various Schools Verma Coaching Academy has been making the strenuous efforts and producing consistent results. And repeating the excellence for the last 30 years, with 100% record.

Applying at Verma Coaching Academy

You can get your ward admitted at Verma Coaching Academy by merely contacting via phone for guidance or by filling the application form available at the official website of the institution, and from there the further steps shall be communicated to you. You can get in touch via phone to have a word with the authorities, who will then guide you to admission procedure process in detail.

Contact Details

The institution can be reached easily by contacting on the given phone numbers or by directly visiting the premises in person on the given address:


144/201, Nashville Road, Dehradun

Uttarakhand, 248001 India

Phone No: +91 - 9654617949

Having full confidence in our commitment to our work we can say it with surety that your search for Doon School Entrance Exam Coaching shall end here. We look forward to seeing you and make your dream a reality.