Experienced Faculty

Here at Verma Coaching Academy we give academics an unconditional importance and to comply with that we have suitable Faculty in every department from Top to Bottom.

Mr. R.M. Verma (Chairman) and Mrs. V.L. Verma (Director of Education) have teaching experience in the most prestigious schools of over 30 years and 25 years, respectively. Ensuring the child’s education and other needs are in Safe and Accomplished hands. .

We have highly Qualified and Experienced faculty be it for Schooling or Coaching for preparation for India’s Top 10 Best Boarding Schools who not only pay attention collectively but also individually to enhance the student’s growth and reach new heights.

Each student is given individual attention be it during class or homework and required suggestions are made to improve them in the respective areas.

All the required subjects are covered extensively, while we focus on making the foundation strong of the child keeping log term development in mind.

We also put students through advanced academics so that they can not only have an edge over other students in the entrance exam but also do well and settle in quickly when they take the next step.