How to Get into Residential Schools in India


Preparation for entrance exams is necessary at different stages these days. Students who wish to get into the best residential schools in India also require a certain type of training. There are a number of training academies that can prepare students for the same, but it is important for them to check for the best academies through the Internet and from references   

How to Choose a Coaching Academy?

Important reasons that help select coaching institutes to get into one of the best residential schools in India are:

  1. Past Placement Records
  2. Faculty Experience
  3. Individual Attention to Students
  4. Quality of Assignments
  5. Quality of Student Evaluation

Apart from academic qualifications, there are other aspects on the basis of which coaching academies can be selected. Personality development and character development are two of these that are also important in shaping a student’s personality. Additionally, students need to be become linguistically confident to be able to ace the interviews, and coaching academies help here too.

Use Residential Facilities for Studies

There are certain coaching institutes that are going the extra mile to prepare their students for boarding schools. They will get a chance to stay within the hostel of the institute and learn. The aim of such a coaching academy in India is to provide a “home away from home” for the students to prepare themselves without tensions.

Need to Go to Brick and Mortar Classrooms

For the students who need to change schools and have been affected by the ongoing pandemic in India, it is very important to get back to brick and mortar classrooms. Through feedbacks collected from teachers and parents, it has been found that constantly living within four walls of a home has caused psychological complications for several children. A rational decision with the current state of the pandemic in mind is what has to be taken by the State and Central Government.

Why Are Residential or Boarding Schools Popular?

One of the main reasons for their popularity is the quality of education. Students are able to open their minds while living away from home and can experience life on their own terms. The discipline and the record of providing all round education also attracts parents.

The seeds of maturity and the quest for learning are already planted in the heads of students at the best coaching academies in India.

Exams for Boarding Schools

Three kinds of entrance exams are held for getting into boarding schools in the country:

  1. Secondary School Admissions Exam (SSAT)- This is meant for admission into private middle and high schools. Admission professionals get to evaluate students on reading skills, verbal, and maths skills.
  2. Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE)- It does not just measure student knowledge, but also takes into account what they think
  3. High School Placement Test (HPSC)- This is used for Catholics for entrance into class IX)

Exam patterns do change to an extent; coaching institutes train the children on a variety of patterns. Considering the level of competition today, it makes sense to enroll into a reputed institute.