Maximizing Potential

Verma Coaching Academy is committed to providing challenging learning experiences and developing appropriate teaching and learning programs for children with different age groups and needs. A variety of options is offered to address their needs and interests. This may be done through differentiated curriculum, challenging extension tasks, individualized programs and ability grouping. 

  • Tailor-made Curriculum
    Students needing special care academically are given more attention be it homework or tuitions. Special Provisions can be made for required students and they can be kept at the academy for as much as 11 months if needed. 
  • Accelerate the pace of learning
    Flexible progression for required students occurs in a range of subjects. In such instances learners are placed on a modified program. Children as young as 5 years from different demographics are put through this modified program to bring them up to the desired standard. 
  • Expand learning to include a focus on areas beyond the scope of traditional disciplines
    Students are encouraged to explore projects that go beyond the boundaries of the classroom through collaboration with peers and their schooling and Coaching go parallel and nothing is missed.