About R.M. Verma

Passionate about education, R.M. Verma is an accomplished Educator and Leader whose career has spanned more than 30 years.

Having taught in India and abroad Mr. Verma has always been keen about teaching and educating the future generation, which has led him to found Verma Coaching Academy and then later on a school by the name Viverly Public School (from Playgroup to Secondary).

Chairman’s Message

It is not the ignorance that keeps us at the bay but the acceptance/fear of the unknown. Verma Coaching Academy is an institute where we believe in the broadening a child’s horizon through both indoor and outdoor activities, either academic or extra-curricular activities. Here at Verma Coaching Academy we not only give a different or more broad connotation to Education through understanding and polishing the child’s inner talent but also provide them with apt opportunities and challenges with tailor-made curriculum, as per child’s requirements..

In line with our belief that Verma Coaching Academy should not only provide a child with invaluable experience but also set the stage for success later in life and provide a lifetime of positive memories to our students, making them happy and contented. Verma Coaching Academy is proud of its students/graduates, who have excelled in their life at both professional and personal level.

I also run a school by the name "Viverly Public School", (Website: www.viverlypublicschool.edu.in ). Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) Affiliated, New Delhi, the school has classes from Playgroup to X. The curriculum of the school is such that it helps the students to comfortably implement what they learn in the classroom to blend and transfer it to their preparation for entrance exam for prominent public schools like the Doon School, Mayo, Welham’s, Scindia, Wynberg Allen, St. George’s and many more. Which are the Top 10 best boarding schools in India.