Outdoor Education

Verma Coaching Academy’s outdoor education programs for a 5 year through to a 15-year-old student call extensively upon the children to develop relationships with others in an environment that requires initiative, perseverance and adaptability. Through Activities like:

  • Outing on a monthly basis, which is also supervised.
  • An occasional visit to Water Parks & Picnics
  • Showing children Educational Movies from time to time.
  • Children are always kept up to date with all the important news events via newspapers and TV news; located in the Dormitory itself. This aids in the General Knowledge and awareness of the student.
  • Children are also taken to appropriate events every now and then like a circus, magic show, etc.

The philosophy of the program has its foundation in better social skills, self-reliance, personal growth and development through such events, as we have children from different age group and diverse demographics. Activities allow students to expand their own horizons, as well as refine social skills like cooperative and collaborative teamwork.

Outdoor education at Verma Coaching Academy works to complement the academic area through the development of resilience, courageous leadership, interdependence and communication in each child. Students will have the opportunity to develop a sense of self, others and the natural world through a range of diverse experiences in the outdoors.