The Welham Boys’ & Girls’ School
Entrance Exam Coaching in Dehradun

Welham Boys’ & Girls’ School Entrance Exam Coaching in Dehradun

Are you concerned about the studies of your child? Do you want to give your child the best education and wish to admit them in a reputed institution? Do you want your ward to go to Welham School? Are you in search of a Coaching Academy for Welham Girls’ School Entrance Exam Coaching in Dehradun or Welham Boys’ School Entrance Exam Coaching in Dehradun which your child may join for preparation? Do you want comprehensive development?

If you are in search of such an institution, you will find a lot of institutions but it is hard to see an institution which may prepare your child for Whelm School entrance test but if you want the Best for your child Verma Coaching Academy, Dehradun is the answer for all your question and solution to all your problems. With over 30 years of experience in this sector, on can’t find a better Coaching Academy for Boarding Schools Entrance exam.

About Welham Boys’ & Girls’ School

Welham School was the brain child of Ms. H. S. Oliphant, a lady from Welsh. She bore her inspiration from Lawrence School, Sanawar. Unlike Lawrence School, Sanawar, Welham School, has been divided in two branches, one belongs to the girls - Welham Girls’ School and the other has been dedicated to the boys - Welham Boys’ School. While, Welham Girls’ School has chosen Kingfisher as their mascot and ‘the aim of education is to bring peace’ as their motto, Welham Boys’ School on the other hand has tusker elephant as their mascot and ‘from strength to strength’ as their motto.

Both the school goes hand in hand when it comes to providing quality education. Both the boarding schools are situated at the foothills of Himalayas in Dehradun, Uttarakhand. Both the boarding Schools have flourished under the loving guidance of Ms. H. S. Oliphant, and Miss Linnell.

Welham Boys’ & Girls’ School

The Welham Boys’ & Girls’ School is a reputed education institution all over India, and there is a competition. It has strict eligibility criteria for admission. Each entry has this general condition and certain institutional conditions. Not only is it hard to get in but there are also Limited seats. Which means even if one does well in the Entrance Exam one might not make the shortlist.

When the world understood the importance of education, a new era was education and learning was changing the minds and India under British rule, could not be left behind. Education institutions were set up, and Welham was also founded by a British Land, it was named Welham after the village from where the lady Oliphant belonged. It was intended for preparation institution for boarding Schools admission of England. After independence, the institution modified itself as a boarding School for girls and boys and got a reputation.

Welham Boys’ School

  • Welham Boys’ School is affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Examination – CBSE.
  • Aims to provide a positive and good learning atmosphere
  • Which would encourage and empower students to develop a fair sense of justice, concern for surroundings, faith in secularism, and these qualities would eventually lead to the development of the students into responsible citizens of our country.
  • Welham promotes broad and different approaches to things.

Notable Alumni – Welham Boy’s School

  • Rajiv Gandhi
  • Sanjay Gandhi
  • Jubin Nautyal
  • Zayed Khan
  • Vikram Seth
  • Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi
  • Vikas Kumar
  • Mani Shankar Aiyer
  • Shaad Ali
  • Naveen Patnaik

Admission procedure Welham Boys’ School

  • The Admission is given to the students from class 4 th to 9 th , mainly. However, some are also considered under certain circumstances.
  • The School prepares a merit list based on the performance/results in the Entrance Exam.
  • Candidates are selected on its basis and called for personal Interaction/Interview.
  • Then a Final Merit list is prepared, which shows the selected students who are given Admission offer.

Welham Girls’ School

  • Welham Girls’ School is affiliated to Indian Certificate of Secondary Education – ICSE and Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination – CISCE.
  • Promotes peace to suffering.
  • Their extraordinary sense of discipline and zest to service is what makes them great.
  • Besides everything, they have always valued Indian tradition and culture the most.

Notable Alumni – Welham Girl’s School

  • Brinda Karat
  • Subhashini Ali
  • Kareena Kapoor Khan
  • Radhika Roy
  • Deepa Mehta
  • Meira Kumar
  • Neera Yadav
  • Madhu Tehran
  • Priyanka Gandhi
  • Aditi Vasudev

Admission procedure Welham Girls’ School

  • The Admission is given to the students from class 6th to 7th, mainly. However, some are also considered under certain circumstances.
  • The School prepares a merit list based on the performance/results in the Entrance Exam.
  • On the basis of Entrance exam results, the Final Merit list is prepared, which shows the selected students who are given Admission offer.
  • These is no Interaction/Interview in Welham Girls’ School Admission Process unlike Welham Boys’ School.

How to Crack Welham Boys’ & Girls’ Entrance?

Road to Welham Boys’ & Girls’ School - Verma Coaching Academy

Due to rising competition and a lot of application for admission, reputed institutions like Welham Boys’ and Girls’ School’s Entrance Examination is held for shortlisting process, the test is standardized, and it requires rigorous preparation and coaching. You need a skilled and experienced faculty to prepare your child for admission. You cannot find such expertise and experience in one place except Verma Coaching Academy, Dehradun.

The seats available for admission are limited, but there are thousands of applicants. It is evident that such institutions and Schools have an attraction for parents, and they try their best to get their child admitted here but entrance and admission test preparation. Verma Coaching Academy has immaculate record for cracking Entrance exams of Top Boarding Schools like Welham Boys’ and Welham Girls’ School.

Verma Coaching Academy fits the bill in both aspects. Not only it holds the experience in the teaching of 30 years but also excels in unusual ways such that students can grasp more and more in less time, without missing their school curriculum (Click to see Our Past Years Results).

The idea of Verma Coaching Academy, had long germinated in to brain of an educator of paramount quality – Mr. R. M. Verma. With more than 30 year of experience from various nations of Asia and abroad, he had begun Verma Coaching Academy, with the goal of igniting young minds.

With the successful admission of 1100 and more students in their dream school, Verma Coaching Academy has set a mile stone in the history of education. The 11 months tailor-made curriculum of Verma Coaching Academy has proved to be the best with constant research and development.

The students are taught in a Home-like facility at the coaching premises, which is co-ed. Besides, it has the holistic approach keeping the prominent aspects of Indian culture and international standards to help its students thrive. The faculties here are experienced and fully capable of analyzing the students and moulding them perfectly as per the need of the competition.

Along with imparting your child a fruitful and profitable excellent learning experience, we strive you keep your child physically and intently healthy. We have indoor and outdoor playgrounds. Where your child can take exercise and refreshes his mind and body. We care your child as our and give him a homely atmosphere. We educate him, make him broad-minded, a peaceful and learned member of society so that you feel proud of him and he may be proud of your investment on him.

Mr. R.M. Verma also runs a School by the name Viverly Public School, Dehradun (CBSE Affiliated), which allows both the School academic and Preparatory Coaching (of Boarding Schools) to run parallel and smoothly without the student missing anything.

Prominent features of Verma Coaching Academy

Amidst the growing number of Coaching Academy’s, the Verma Coaching Academy stands alone due to its distinguished features which are as follows:

  • To aid the privacy of students, there is separate and spacious accommodation for Girls’ and Boys’, which is also supervised at all times via personnel or CCTV.
  • The Coaching Academy facilitates the students who are as young as 5 years old to aid those who wish to get into the boarding Schools at an early age.
  • The premises of the Coaching Academy boast of a big dining hall and nutritious food with hygienic surroundings, giving both healthy homemade food.
  • The security at the Coaching Academy is advance and safety is prioritized. The entire institution is installed with fire extinguishers, CCTV, and strict supervision is undertaken.
  • To inculcate the reading habit in students, there is a well-maintained library which could be availed by students to get any book of their interest.
  • The faculty at Verma Coaching Academy is Experienced one with thorough grasp and understanding on their subject.
  • The classrooms are well maintained and fitted with modern state of the art technology of Smart Classes, which helps the students to learn the abstract and complicated concepts innovatively.
  • The Coaching premises has computer and science labs to keep stress on practical along with theoretical knowledge.
  • To aid them, all-round development of the students there are facilities of music rooms, outdoor and indoor sports activities and extra curriculum activities such as dramatics, singing, and dancing which helps the students to excel in their creative pursuits along with studies and academics. Allowing a child to not only make positive memories but also grow both in intrinsic and extrinsic value.

Past Years Results - the Testimony of Verma Coaching Academy’s success

Mr. R.M Verma, who is the Chairman of Verma Coaching Academy, first in Dehradun, has been consistent in producing the visible results by getting numerous students into some of the Top 10 Boarding Schools in India.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. For various Schools Verma Coaching Academy has been making the strenuous efforts and producing consistent results. And repeating the excellence for the last 30 years, with 100% record.

Applying at Verma Coaching Academy

You can get your ward admitted at Verma Coaching Academy by merely contacting via phone for guidance or by filling the application form available at the official website of the institution, and from there the further steps shall be communicated to you.

Contact Details

The institution can be reached easily by contacting on the given phone numbers or by directly visiting the premises in person on the given address:


144/201, Nashville Road, Dehradun

Uttarakhand, 248001 India

Phone No: +91 - 9654617949

Having full confidence in our commitment to our work we can say it with surety that your search for Doon School Entrance Exam Coaching shall end here. We look forward to seeing you and make your dream a reality.