Why Getting into a Top Indian Residential School is a Good Idea


A school is sometimes confused with literacy, despite the fact that the former is required for success while the latter is not. Schooling is a vital part of a child's education since it teaches them how to distinguish between right and wrong, good and evil, and other concepts, thus providing proper direction in the conduct of life. Students in Dehradun's residential schools, which are amongst the top 10 residential schools in India, are encouraged to achieve their full potential. A school like this is a place where a child can live and learn while being instilled with positive values and attributes.

Living in Hostels

Certain coaching institutes go over and above to assist their pupils in preparing them for the exams with respect to top 10 residential schools in India. The children are able to study while staying in the institute's dormitory. In India, a coaching institute like this tries to provide pupils with a "home away from home" where they may study without concern. Because these schools only accept a small number of students each year, all applicants must pass an entrance exam and an interview.

Building a Career Foundation

Sending their child away alone in an unfamiliar environment to struggle may seem absurd to many parents. However, the greatest boarding schools in India, with their world-class facilities and infrastructure, have ensured that kids are provided with the best possible setting in which to begin their road towards a successful life.

Here are a few examples of the schools that can be considered-

  1. Chinmaya Mission- It is a respected educational institution that achieves exceptional academic performance and really embodies Swami Chinmayananda's educational ideals.  Chinmaya instils a deep awareness of Indian culture and Vedantic philosophy in its students. Students graduate with self-confidence and reverence, thanks to a dynamic and inspirational infrastructure.
  2. Lawrence School Sanawar- This is a CBSE-affiliated co-educational boarding school with students from all across the subcontinent. Its environment encourages pupils to think critically and offers them with numerous opportunities to express their ideas and develop their talents.
  3. Bishop Cotton School- The oldest and one of the most prestigious boys’ schools, Bishop Cotton is located in the beautiful hills of Shimla and offers a global outlook, boasting of a British heritage.  
  4. Scindia School- Located in Gwalior, this school offers a deep insight into the birth of modern India. It offers state-of-the-art infrastructure for boys to gain high educational standards.
  5. Sherwood College- Yet another institute in the beautiful Himalayas, Sherwood is a co-educational institute present in Nainital, Uttarakhand and is built over a massive area. Sherwood has always believed in supporting society's youth in strengthening their thinking skills. The school continually gives opportunities for skill development across several areas.

What are the Benefits of Boarding Schools?

One of the main reasons for their attraction is the high level of their education. Students can develop their minds and experience life on their own terms while living away from home. The school's discipline and track record of providing a well-rounded education is also appealing to parents.